Tara - Faces of Somerset County

Tara - 29

"When I relocated here for a job just over a year ago, I was very taken and impressed with the warmth and kindness of the people here. I also enjoy how quaint, humble, and accessible the town is.

As for my favorite memory, there is a close tie between when I won a state singles title and set a record in high school bowling 2002 and when my college bowling team secured the schools (Vanderbilt University) first national championship title in 2007 on ESPN. Both were once in a lifetime experiences!

One of my biggest challenges was right before the national championship match where I decided based on my performance to approach my coach and request that I not be considered for the starting lineup due to my inconsistency. In that moment, that weekend, it was about what was best for my team, not me. 
During the final match, I got my chance to shine and it was exhilarating!"

Trinity - Faces of Somerset County

Trinity - 15

"My favorite thing about Somerset is the close knit community we have. In this town it is a small world, if you meet someone chances are you can connect with them in knowing or being related to someone they are familiar with.

For the future I would love to keep up with my figure skating for fun. Career speaking I am pursuing the college path and wish to study something in the business field and maybe go into some marketing.

I have had many blessings that bring a smile to my face in this lifetime. But I would have to say when I passed my Junior Moves in the Field (a high level figure skating accomplishment,) that was a very exciting time in my life."

Jamie - Faces of Somerset County

Jamie - 40
Owner of Shaffer's Transfer & Moving and Teacher at SCTC

"My favorite thing about Somerset would be that it's a small community that supports each other. I feel it's so important to support local businesses because not only does that help the owner and employees, it helps the entire community. The more we support each other, the more our county will thrive.

My happiest memory so far was celebrating my 40th birthday. My wife threw me a party that was a complete surprise and it made a great memory.

I think the key to happiness is good health and not stressing small things."

Courtney - Faces of Somerset County

Courtney - 20
Student: Student at Johnson University, Cashier at Chick-fil-a

"I think that one of my favorite things about Somerset County is how all of the surrounding communities come together and show support for families in need. Whether that is financially or through prayer, or some other type of way, everyone is able to show support in on way or the other.

My first happiest moment is from this past May when I got baptized at Somerset First Christian Church. Two of my best friends and some of my family were able to witness me give my life to God and become apart of another family that mean so much to me. My second happiest moment was this summer when I was accepted to Johnson two weeks before classes started, and when I realized I was leaving everyone I loved to start my own journey 8 hours away.

Biggest challenge/obstacle to overcome: I would say that as of right now, my biggest challenge that I have had to overcome is last March when I realized that the way I was living my life was extremely toxic and there was going to be a lot of horrible things were going to continue to happen if I did not stop living that way. So accepting that I needed to follow God and give my life to Him was in a sense difficult, only because I was giving control to someone else. Turns out, that it was easier to do then I thought it would be and it was a great decision."

Hannah - Faces of Somerset County

Hannah, 19

"My favorite thing about Somerset County is the manners people have, things like holding doors and saying hello just because is really something that I admire about Somerset County.

My happiest memory to date has probably been being a big sister, my little brother and my dog are my world.

I feel the most important thing in life is being happy, being loved, and being kind. And I am so very fortunate to have found that so early in life with my family, my boyfriend, and my friends. I am truly one blessed woman!!"