Tara - Faces of Somerset County

Tara - 29

"When I relocated here for a job just over a year ago, I was very taken and impressed with the warmth and kindness of the people here. I also enjoy how quaint, humble, and accessible the town is.

As for my favorite memory, there is a close tie between when I won a state singles title and set a record in high school bowling 2002 and when my college bowling team secured the schools (Vanderbilt University) first national championship title in 2007 on ESPN. Both were once in a lifetime experiences!

One of my biggest challenges was right before the national championship match where I decided based on my performance to approach my coach and request that I not be considered for the starting lineup due to my inconsistency. In that moment, that weekend, it was about what was best for my team, not me. 
During the final match, I got my chance to shine and it was exhilarating!"