Tony Urban Photography and Portrait Art serves all of Western Pennsylvania.  Based in Somerset, PA we regularly have clients from Uniontown, Pittsburgh, Greensburg, Johnstown, Altoona, and all neighboring communities.


Booking your shoot is as easy as calling the studio at 814.443.2350 or emailing me to set up a date and time. If you would like to set up a completely free consultation, I’m happy to do that too.


To make things as easy as possible for all of our clients, we offer both the convenience of pre-designed image collections and a la carte ordering. If you purchase a collection you are also welcome to add on additional prints and products A la Carte.

We know your time is valuable so we offer the convenience of online proofing and ordering.  If you need assistance or have any questions, we're always just a phone call away.

Outfits, Hair, Make-up, Etc.

I want you to have the absolute best senior photos possible. After all, that’s probably why you chose me to be your photographer. It’s very important for you to bring the right clothing and props and to be prepared for your shoot.

I specialize in capturing your personality during your shoot and making your senior photos all about YOU. My rule for clothing is this: If you love it, bring it!

There are some ways to ensure that your photos turn out as good as possible so just read over the below list and if you have any questions, just ask!

Glasses: If you wear glasses, there's no way around it, your lenses will have reflections. The solution to this is to borrow a pair of "empty" frames from your eye doctor for your shoot. This way you'll still look like yourself but you won't worry about distortion from the glass lenses. Alternately, you can pop out your lenses, but only if you know how to put them back in when we're done! ;)

Hair: Girls – Consider using hair spray if you get the “frizzies”, especially on humid summer days. I've also found that it's extremely helpful if you bring your mom or a female friend to be the “hair police” as I don’t know what your hair is supposed to look like. Guys – Don’t get a fresh hair cut (especially a buzz cut) the day of the shoot. Try to let it grow out 1 to 2 weeks – it’ll look better.

Makeup: Girls, I have to say it – Your photos WILL look better if you wear makeup. Don’t do anything crazy and dramatic, but a normal amount will look good. Eyes: Since a lot of your portraits will focus on your eyes, please make sure your eyeliner is straight and there are no clumps in your eyelashes. Wear mascara. If you don’t, you might look like you have no eyelashes whatsoever in your photos! Lips: Pale shades of lipstick don’t photograph well and they make your lips blend into your skin. If your lips are chapped, please use lip balm in the days preceding your shoot to heal them as much as possible.  Peeling lips don’t look good in photos and severely chapped lips are difficult to “fix” realistically in retouching.

Nail Polish: Girls, you don’t have to wear it but if you do make sure it isn’t old and chipped. And neon colors might sound cool, but you’ll probably regret it in 5 years…

Touch ups: Be sure to bring at least lipstick and powder to your session. Also bring a brush, hair clips, etc. If you sometimes pull your hair back and use a hair band to do that, DO NOT wear the band around your wrist because you’ll forget to take it off in the pictures and then you’ll have a tiny black bracelet in every shot!

Acne: I remove pimples and acne when I retouch the photos you order in print, so if you have a zit, forget about it!

Beware of Bra Straps and Tan lines: I highly recommend wearing a strapless or "sticky" bra for your photos if you don't want bra straps showing.  If you wear a regular bra and wear a top with thin straps, your bra IS going to show. It’s up to you whether you’re okay with that. On to tanning. I know everyone likes a nice tan but if you go tanning or sit out in the sun all day before your shoot, please make sure that you’re not getting tan lines - or even worse, sunburns - that will show with the outfits you choose. Removal of bra straps or tan lines is not normal retouching and will be billed at $15 per pose.

Solid colored items tend to look the best in photos. A few prints or patterns are okay, especially if they’re your favorite outfits, but solids usually photograph best. Important: I can’t remove wrinkles from clothing so don’t shove your clothes into a duffel bag and bring it to the shoot. Keep your outfits on hangers.

Bring shoes and accessories for each outfit. Mixing up your accessories will really allow you to show off different looks. Also, it might be fun to go bare foot for some shots, so if you wear colored polish on your toenails, make sure it isn’t old and chipped!

Bring the proper undergarments for each outfit. Guys – if you are going to wear a t-shirt under another shirt, make sure you match dark with dark and light with light. Girls – don’t wear a dark bra under a light shirt or a white bra under a dark shirt. They will show through.

Feel free to bring a variety of “seasonal” outfits. Not everything needs to be summer clothes. A few long sleeve items or even a stylish coat or jacket can give you an entirely different look. Seniors can bring anything from prom dresses, to jeans and tank tops, to fuzzy winter coats and sweaters. If it's cute, bring it!

Pets & Props

I love when people bring their pets - So far we've had dogs, cats, snakes, rats and even a tarantula!!  There is no charge for having photos taken with your pet, but if you are bringing pets, please bring a leash or carrier for them so they don’t run off. It’s also helpful to have a family member or friend along who can take care of your pet while you’re having the rest of your photos taken.

Props: Nothing can personalize your photos more than your props. Musical instruments, athletic gear, dance outfits, jerseys, trophies, handbags, etc. If it’s “you”, bring it! If you think it’s weird, then I’ll probably think it’s really cool but if you have questions or want to check – just ask me!

Your appointment & directions

Don’t Be Late! Make sure you arrive on time. If you are late, it means less time for your photo shoot! Feel free to arrive around 10 minutes early, but if you show up earlier than that, chances are good I'll still be out on my previous shoot.

If you don’t know where the studio is located, here’s a link to Google Maps for directions. When you turn onto Stouffer Hill Road, it’s the very first house on the street.  Everyone drives past and has to turn around so remember, the **first** house. ;),%20friedens,%20pa%2015541